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Mastering Executive Interviews: Tips for Aspiring Second-in-Commands.

Interviewing for an executive role can be full of complicated dynamics and intricacies. If you're aiming for a new leadership position, host Megan Long shares invaluable advice and prepares you for the unexpected challenges that might come your way. With personal anecdotes and actionable insights, this episode covers everything from bizarre interview scenarios to the crucial follow-up process. Learn how to stand out, impress your interviewer, and confidently navigate questions about accountability, team dynamics, and strategic planning.

You'll hear all about:

  • 00:49: Preparing for unforeseen challenges and maintaining flexibility during executive interviews.

  • 01:14: Megan's nightmare interview experience, and lessons learned.

  • 03:18: The significance of thorough preparation and follow-up after an interview, sharing a personal success story.

  • 04:35: Emphasizing the impact of post-interview follow-up and the role it played in securing a job offer.

  • 05:13: The importance of making interviewers feel seen and special.

  • 05:26: Basic interview preparation tips, including researching the company and formulating intelligent questions.

  • 06:44: The necessity of having questions for the interviewer and showcasing investment in the position.

  • 07:06: Anticipating and preparing for questions about accountability, teamwork, and handling disagreements.

  • 07:49: Addressing choice-based questions, aligning personal values with the company's ethos, and culture preservation.

  • 08:24: Advising on preparing a loose plan for the first 30, 60, 90 days in the executive role.

  • 09:21: Stressing the importance of observing, understanding, and building buy-in before implementing changes.

And finally, we'd love to hear your personal Second-In-Command interview stories! Email your experiences to [email protected]

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