Second First


Training, tools, and community for the
Second-In-Command of founder-led companies. 

Our mission is clear: to transform the relationships between entrepreneurs and their Second-In-Command.

Second First is a coaching and consulting firm specializing in the Second-In-Command of founder-led companies. With a solution for any stage of growth, together we dive into the challenges, opportunities, and strategies that can help you excel in your role.

Through a unique framework, we cover a wide range of topics, from navigating your relationship with the founder to mastering the role through best practice knowledge, tools, and insights you need to thrive in your position as the #2 leader in entrepreneurial companies. 


Only Do Good

We actively seek opportunities to make a positive impact on not only our clients, but on society through sustainable practices, community engagement and philanthropic giving.

Respect For All

We believe in the power of diversity in background, culture, experiences, and perspectives. We value and amplify all voices. 

There Is No Finish Line

We acknowledge there is always room for improvement. In order to produce the best results for our clients and team, we commit to continuous learning, growth, and development.

Our Commitment to Mental Health

In a post-pandemic survey conducted by Deloitte, three out of four CEOs are concerned about their own and their executive team's mental health and well-being. 60% of employees with diagnosed mental health conditions don't talk about it at work. 

The Second-In-Command role is especially isolating. Without any true peers in the workplace, and few options for professional community outside the office, it's an especially lonely and misunderstood role. 

Aside from Second First creating community, we have committed to donating a percentage of quarterly profits to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation.

The BBR Foundation awards grants that lead to advances and breakthroughs in scientific research to alleviate the suffering caused by mental illness. 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to research grants.




My name is Megan Long, owner of Second First.
My unique ability is taking a vision, an idea, or just a conversation over coffee and creating detailed, structured action plans to make it come to life. 

I’m an experienced Second-In-Command & COO from a $10 million entrepreneurial IT company. As a CPA, I was originally hired as a Controller.  Under my leadership, I quickly became known as a “fixer”. I was handed more departments, and worked with every other leader to increase team productivity & engagement, reduce business owner risk, and grow enterprise value. 

My story is unique and rare. In speaking with other CEOs and entrepreneurs, it was evident that they did not have a “Megan”. The Second-In-Command seat was left empty, filled by the wrong person, or a had become a revolving door of different leaders. Talking to my COO peers, many struggled to understand their CEO. Everyone was left frustrated and burnt out. 

I started Second First to fill the gaps: design the perfect COO for you and your company, set them up for success during onboarding, and provide specific coaching and tools just for the Second-In-Command. 

 My competitive advantage: 
I’m also a pro athlete; an IFBB professional bodybuilder.
What does this have to do with business? 

  • I’m obsessed with winning. 
  • I thrive in routine, strict regimens, and situations that require intense discipline.  
  • Time management has become an essential skill. 
  • I’m committed to always improving.


Nashville Business Journal “40 Under 40” Winner
Nashville Emerging Leader Award, Technology Winner
Stevies  “Woman of the Year” in Business Services Industries, Bronze
Belmont University Top 100 Alumni Entrepreneurs


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