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Second-In-Command Masterclass

The Four Pillars to Become a Force Multiplier

A 60-minute workshop to supercharge your leadership skills and transform the partnership with your Entrepreneur.

Seconds-In-Command have a super power

The Second-In-Command to an entrepreneur has an incredible super power.

You're able to understand the big picture and see the vision.

BUT you're also able to dive down into the weeds and see what needs to be done TODAY in order to make that vision a reality.

With specific tools and a proven framework, we'll show you how to unlock these abilities and take your position as a #2 leader to the next level.

The Four Pillars to Become a Force Multiplier

We're pulling back the curtain on our coaching framework to teach the core of what makes Second First's programs so effective.

I. The Team

II. The Company

III. The Force Multiplier

IV. The Self

Here's just some of what you'll learn during this Masterclass:

What People Are Saying:

Hi, I'm Megan - I've been in your shoes.

I was a COO/Second-In-Command for an entrepreneur of a $10 million IT company. Even with an MBA and CPA, I spent ten years figuring it out on my own.

I was an obsessive consumer of books & podcasts, and wore out my Harvard Business Review subscription. Through trial & error and a lot of long hours, I built an amazing partnership with my founder and teams while moving the business forward. 

While I won some professional awards (40 Under 40, Stevie Woman of the Year, Nashville Emerging Leader…) I still felt incredibly isolated in my role, and learned I wasn't alone.

In speaking with other CEOs and entrepreneurs, it was evident that they did not feel like they had a “Megan”. The Second-In-Command seat was left empty, filled by the wrong person, or a had become a revolving door of different leaders. Talking to my COO peers, many struggled to understand their CEO. Everyone was left frustrated and burnt out

It's why I started Second First, a coaching and consulting firm specializing in the Second-In-Command of founder-led companies – to transform the relationships between entrepreneurs and you, the #2 leaders in their companies.

My passion now lies in providing tools, resources, and community to Seconds-In-Command. Give me one hour and I promise you'll walk away feeling less alone, more confident, and ready to tackle the second half of 2024 with a toolbox full of new strategies. 

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