Second First


The Second-In-Command certification course

The full Second First framework in ten weeks, Second First Mastery is the only certification course for the Second-In-Command. In this ten week program you will become a force multiplier for your business, finding productivity, confidence, and total alignment with your founder.

Who Is This For?

By the end of the program you will...

What's Inside:


Downloadable tools and templates

Ready-to-use tools and templates for you to begin using in your business immediately.


on-demand video lessons

Advanced training for each module using the Second First framework. 24+ lessons that can be completed on your own time.


live group coaching

Access to the instructor for live discussions & guidance on how each lesson applies to your specific role.


Hi, I'm Megan - I've been in your shoes.

I was a COO/Second-In-Command for an entrepreneur of a $10 million IT company. Even with an MBA and CPA, I spent ten years figuring it out on my own.

I was an obsessive consumer of books & podcasts, and wore out my Harvard Business Review subscription. Through trial & error and a lot of long hours, I built an amazing partnership with my founder and teams while moving the business forward. 

While I won some professional awards (40 Under 40, Stevie Woman of the Year, Nashville Emerging Leader…) I still felt incredibly isolated in my role, and learned I wasn't alone.

In speaking with other CEOs and entrepreneurs, it was evident that they did not feel like they had a “Megan”. The Second-In-Command seat was left empty, filled by the wrong person, or a had become a revolving door of different leaders. Talking to my COO peers, many struggled to understand their CEO. Everyone was left frustrated and burnt out

It's why I started Second First, a coaching and consulting firm specializing in the Second-In-Command of founder-led companies – to transform the relationships between entrepreneurs and you, the #2 leaders in their companies.

My passion now lies in providing tools, resources, and community to Seconds-In-Command. Join Mastery and I promise you'll walk away feeling less alone, more confident, and ready to tackle the Second-In-Command role with a toolbox full of new strategies. 


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