Second First


The Second-In-Command certification course.

The full Second First framework in 10 weeks

Welcome to Second First: Mastery. This is the framework we use to train and coach Seconds-In-Command of founder-led companies. Your title does not matter – it may be COO, Chief of Staff, Director of Operations, VP, Manager, or even EA. As long as you are or are going to be the #2 leader at a founder-led company, this has been created just for you.

Summer 2024 Schedule

  • 6/10: Module 1 Released
  • 6/10: Welcome Coaching Call @ 12pm CST
  • 6/17: Module 2 Released
  • 6/24: Module 2 Coaching Call @ 10am CST
  • 7/1: Module 3 Released
  • 7/8: Module 3 Coaching Call @ 12pm CST
  • 7/15: Module 4 Released
  • 7/22: Module 4 Coaching Call @ 10am CST
  • 7/29: Module 5 Released
  • 8/5: Module 5 Coaching Call @ 12pm CST
  • 8/12: Module 6 Released
  • 8/12: Module 6 Coaching Call @ 12pm CST
  • 8/16: Virtual Wrap Event  @ 2pm CST

Enrollment opens May 28th

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a solution for your stage of growth


A unique assessment process for entrepreneurs and CEOs of growing businesses to identify and onboard their ideal Second-In-Command, so they can focus on the work they’re best at.


One-on-one coaching for the Second-In-Command. The Second First coaching framework is created specifically for the #2 Leader of founder-led companies, providing knowledge, tools, and insights to thrive in your position.


In this 10 week program you will become a force multiplier for your business. The complete Second First framework taught in 6 modules, you will find productivity, confidence, and total alignment with your founder. Next session begins June 1, 2024.


A Mastermind Group of like-minded Seconds-In-Command to entrepreneurs/founders. Solve business problems and tap into the experience, knowledge and best practices of true peers.


Send a message to schedule a discovery call. 

Second-In-Command Masterclass

The Four Pillars to Become a Force Multiplier

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