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Listener Submitted Q&A: Compliance Risk, Finding Employment, and Feeling Held Back.

In this episode, Megan Long, your host and owner of Second First, dives into the second quarterly Q&A of 2024. Each quarter,

we address pressing questions submitted by our listeners. From navigating regulatory challenges to strategizing career moves, we cover a wide range of topics relevant to today's second in commands.

Throughout the episode, we offer practical advice and actionable strategies to help listeners overcome common obstacles in their roles. Whether it's convincing a CEO to prioritize compliance, positioning oneself as an attractive candidate for new opportunities, or navigating disagreements with company owners, we provide valuable insights to empower COOs in their journey.

You'll hear all about:

  • 01:34 – Question 1: A listener expresses concern about their company's transition into advising work and the lack of focus on compliance.

  • 04:04 – Question 2: A listener asks how to position themselves as an attractive candidate for their next role, tailored to the needs of the CEO.

  • 06:14 – Question 3: Handling disagreements with the CEO about the company's growth strategy, emphasizing the importance of alignment and transparency.

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