#17: Reengaging Disengaged Leaders

Discover strategies to reengage disengaged leaders. In this episode, we’re taking a workshop-style approach to tackle the issue of disengaged leaders head-on. From identifying common reasons behind declining participation to offering actionable strategies for reengagement, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s addressing managerial burnout, navigating the Peter Principle, fostering a compelling vision, or managing external […]

#16: Q&A: Compliance Risk, Finding Employment, & Feeling Held Back

Listener Submitted Q&A: Compliance Risk, Finding Employment, and Feeling Held Back. In this episode, Megan Long, your host and owner of Second First, dives into the second quarterly Q&A of 2024. Each quarter, we address pressing questions submitted by our listeners. From navigating regulatory challenges to strategizing career moves, we cover a wide range of […]

#15: Going Dark: Why We Ghost Our Boss

Understanding the Impact of Going Dark on Your CEO. In this episode, we’re pulling back the curtain on a common but often unspoken habit: the tendency for COOs and executives to disconnect from (or “ghost”) our CEOs. We know firsthand the challenges of navigating the fast-paced, world of reporting to an entrepreneur. But as crucial […]

#14: Financial Moves to Impress Your CEO

Financial Strategies to Impress Your CEO and Contribute to Your Company’s Bottom Line. In this episode we dive into some profit-adding financial moves that a Second-In-Command can make, even if they’re not a CFO. Together we cover identifying and eliminating waste, renegotiating vendor contracts, and addressing revenue leakage. These strategies can help plug the holes […]

#13: Avoid Burnout: The 7 Types of Rest

Navigating Burnout: Strategies for COOs and Second-in-Commands. In this insightful episode, we delve into the critical topic of avoiding burnout in the demanding role of a Second-In-Command. As COOs, our responsibilities often overwhelm us, leading to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Host Megan Long shares her personal experiences with burnout and highlights the importance of […]

#12: You Are Who You Spend Time With

The Power of Proximity in Habits & Success. Inspired by a favorite read, “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, we discuss the impact of our social environment on our habits and success: the close, the many, and the powerful. Clear discusses how we tend to mirror the habits of those around us, particularly the “close” individuals […]

#11: Do You Need an EA or a COO?

Executive Assistant vs. Chief Operating Officer: When to Make the Leap. In today’s episode, we delve into a critical topic that often arises when scaling a small business: the distinction between hiring an Executive Assistant (EA) or a Chief Operating Officer (COO). This is a common conversation we have with founders navigating growth, especially as […]

#10: Interviewing For an Executive Position

Mastering Executive Interviews: Tips for Aspiring Second-in-Commands. Interviewing for an executive role can be full of complicated dynamics and intricacies. If you’re aiming for a new leadership position, host Megan Long shares invaluable advice and prepares you for the unexpected challenges that might come your way. With personal anecdotes and actionable insights, this episode covers […]

#9: Adding Revenue Fast This Quarter

Boost Your Bottom Line: Generating Quick Revenue Injections for Small Businesses. Have you ever wished you could generate revenue into your business quickly – like, this month? Even if it’s nonrecurring revenue, just have some extra cash injected into your business? There are creative and effective methods to inject immediate revenue into your small business. Host […]

#8: Finding Your Flow Zone

Navigating the Flow Zone for COOs and Second-in-Commands. The “Flow Zone” refers to a psychological state where a person is fully immersed and focused on an activity – there’s a sense of energized focus, complete involvement and enjoyment. It is often described as being “in the zone”. In this episode, we take a deep dive […]

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