#7: Parallels Between Athletes and Corporate Leaders

The Winning Mindset: Athlete’s Lessons for Corporate Leaders. In this episode of “The Right-Hand Roadmap,” dive into the parallels between an athlete’s mindset and corporate leadership. Host Megan Long, a former competitive bodybuilder turned entrepreneur, shares invaluable lessons from her journey as a pro athlete that seamlessly apply to the professional world. Discover practical insights […]

#6: Transitioning from Corporate to an Entrepreneurial Company

Navigating the Leap from Large Corporation to Small Business. In this episode, explore the transitional shift as a leader from big corporate to small businesses. Many small entrepreneurial businesses hire externally for executive roles, especially new positions that they add. This often means experienced candidates are coming from larger organizations, which means facing a sizable […]

#5: Q&A: Absent CEO’s, Managing Older Generations, Holding Multiple Roles & Maintaining Self-Care

First Listener-Submitted Q&A: Absent CEOs, Managing Older Generations, Holding Multiple Roles, and Maintaining Self-Care. Dive into the first quarterly Q&A of “The Right-Hand Roadmap” where COOs and Seconds-In-Command tackle listeners’ pressing questions. In this episode, listeners can expect a dynamic Q&A session addressing key challenges faced by Seconds-In-Command. From dealing with remote CEOs affecting company […]

#4: Saying “No” To Your CEO’s Ideas

The Delicate Balance of Saying “No” To Your CEO’s Ideas While Fostering Collaboration. Explore the challenges of handling a CEO’s myriad ideas and learn essential strategies to transform them into actionable plans. This episode empowers operations executives to provide valuable input, prioritize initiatives, and collaborate effectively with visionary leaders without sacrificing their unique strengths.. You’ll […]

#3: The Three Problems with COO Peer Groups

How To Bring Positive Change to COO Peer Groups & Organizations. There are very few peer groups and organizations specializing in the Second-In-Command. Through personal experiences, there are three common problems that been them from being as valuable and successful as they should be. In this episode we explore how to unlock the potential of […]

#2: Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Delegate To Their Second-In-Command

Unpopular Opinion: CEOs Shouldn’t Delegate Work to Their Seconds-In-Command. Explore the myths of delegation in visionary entrepreneurship and uncover the true role of a second in command in reducing organizational noise and enhancing collaboration. In this episode we explore the concept of delegation, separating it into two definitions, and discuss what a great Second-In-Command should […]

#1: Which of the Seven Types of COO Are You?

Decoding the CEO-COO Dynamic: The Seven Archetypes Defining the #2 Leader in Founder-Led Companies. In this inaugural episode of “The Right-Hand Roadmap,” dive into the influential Harvard Business Review article, “Second in Command: The Misunderstood Role of the Chief Operating Officer.” Uncover the intricacies of the COO role and identify seven archetypes that shape the […]

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